Godly leadership – Herb Codington

2020-8-9 Main Sermon
Titus 1:5-9
Leadership vacuum – first thing Paul addresses – solid, dependable, godly leadership in churches being established.
Life fluid at this position in church history.
Leadership –
1.) elder – someone with maturity and experience, respected
2.) overseer – to watch over, look after, to care for
Why two similar terms?
1.) different things about the same office
2.) addressing a mixed population
Neither elder or overseer terms express that they have leadership training and great skills
Key qualities emphasized in the text –
1.) blameless (not liable to have charges brought against) – integrity
2.) husband of but one wife – marital fidelity
We reflect something of God’s nature. The fragrance of Christ is to go out from us.
Critical to get the foundations right.
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