Live That Unique Life – Herb Codington

2020-10-11 Main Sermon
Titus 2:1-3
Paul’s appeal – live that unique life you have been called to.
addresses older population in these verses –
• unique challenges, trials and temptations in each stage of life
• our society puts a premium on youth and youthfulness so intentionally remember the wisdom, experiences and knowledge of the older generation
• elders and leaders of the church were selected from this group
Men ages 50-60
called to live a life of dignity and being respectable
If we are made in the image of God, live that way.
Live a life of faith, love and endurance.
women ages 50-60
living in a particular culture with unique problems
be reverent in the way you live – suited to a sacred character, like a priestess as if all life is a sacred assembly
Hebrews 13:16
set apart for holy use, as unto the Lord
To go to God on behalf of the world – intercede
To offer God spiritual sacrifices – doing good for the least fortunate
Paul challenging men and women to live out an honorable life that reflects the teaching of the Christian life.
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