Servants While We Lead – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-1-17 Main Sermon Luke 16:19-31
Le Chambon, France in Alps near border with Switzerland, initiated by pastor Andre Trocme, and his wife Magda – saved 5000 Jewish refugees during World War II.
Magda – I never refused to help someone who came to my door – accepts responsibility.
In Luke passage – rich man “can’t see” Lazarus – no greeting, no assistance.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer – death is the common fate that awaits both of them when rich man is no longer rich and poor man is no longer poor. In death, God’s Kingdom is in full view for both men. Rich man sees error of his ways. Had seen himself as different from the poor man but we are all God’s children. Poor man – no influence or status in this world but still a child of God.
Martin Luther King Jr. – God’s dream for all children.
If a person’s mind is closed and scripture is rejected, no evidence – not even a resurrection _ will change him.
Pay attention – ask questions – listen – see. We are in this together.
Discipleship requires sacrifice. Don’t pick up gift of grace and walk away; share it.
Galatians 1 – In Christ
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