The Parable of the Rich Fool – Meg Marley

2020-8-23 Main Sermon
Storing up riches for yourself and not being “rich”: toward God.
Bringing God’s perspective to the haves and the have nots.
God provides for our needs and we are to respond to God’s needs in the world.
In dealing with greed, the parable is not just for wealthy or poor. It’s a warning for all of us – warning of the futility of valuing things above valuing God.
The rich fool with abundance thinks of himself instead of offering it in God’s service.
Doing things that profit him alone.
Get your focus off today and on to eternity.
2 Corinthians 4:7
Seek the spiritual benefits of God’s kingdom rather than the material goods of the world.
Focus on working for God’s kingdom – time gifts and money used in responsible ways to glorify God
What is God calling us to do? Different things for different people.
Use possessions to have a lasting effect. God wants to free us from the worries of this life.
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