How Then Should We Live? – Herb Codington

2020-8-30 Main Sermon
Titus 1:10-12
Paul – vital to say yes to the right thing but essential to say no to the wrong thing.
Leadership is linked to protecting the congregation from heresy. Do we follow the norms of the culture of the Kingdom?
Acts 17:28
What about us? What is our role?
The greatest thing we can do for our country is to renew our commitment to Jesus Christ.
Psalm 51
We need prophetic distance to be the salt and light to the world. Any time the church gets too close to the seats of power, it gets tainted. As a church, we should use the freedom we do have to be the salt of the culture.
3 characteristics of false teachers – rebellious (resisting the teaching and causing confusion), mere talkers and not doers, deceivers of self and others.
Paul knows that the role of a church leader is to be a watchman.
In Crete, they are seeking to plant a church in th midst of a culture not open to Christianity. Paul – they are bad and all know it so go and minister to them – Divine Optimism
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