Giving Thanks – Herb Codington

2020-11-8 Main Sermon Luke 17:11-19
Book of Isaiah – garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness
OT – corporate celebration – nobody was left out
Who can we include, encourage, affirm?
Book of Job – I made the widow’s heart sing
Luke 17:11-19
leprosy – can’t imagine worse conditions in ancient times, included banishment, had to cry out “unclean”
Jews and a Samaritan calling out together – a common calamity draws everyone together.
When overwhelmed – Oh Lord, have mercy/have pity …
When Jesus says to go show themselves to the priest, it’s for the purification rite to re-enter society.
Jesus is challenging them to trust, believe and obey.
Coping with leprosy alone would have been catastrophic, almost impossible to survive.
So often our problems isolate us, cut us off from fellowship.
We need people to encourage and motivate us.
The 10 helped each other through their common malady.
The Samaritan returns to give thanks – Why do we not express gratitude more often?
In legalism we can lose joy – When governed by the rule/law, don’t miss the spirit.
Express your gratitude – they may not know you’re thankful.
Don’t let your pride stop you. Have a heart of humility. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.
All were healed but were all in God’s will?
Yearning for God’s blessing but when we get it, we become preoccupied with the gift and not the source.
Have you taken time to go back and thank Jesus? Be intentional.
We are far more loved than we could ever dream.
Important part of Pauline theology – heart of gratitude
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