Second Chance – Meg Marley

2020-11-15 Main Sermon
Acts 14:21-28, 15:35-41
As a church – unified in the essentials of faith, but in the areas of faith that are not essential tenets, be patient, merciful and loving.
Arguments come up because we are human but too often we argue over nonessential things.
Jesus sent to give us a second chance to enter into a right relationship with God.
Paul & Barnabas – sharp disagreement
Barnabas supported Paul earlier but Paul does not trust John Mark. Barnabas believes John Mark deserves a second chance.
Both Paul and Barnabas have same goal – missionary journey to spread the word of God in the best way possible – but disagree on this one detail. End of ministry team of Paul and Barnabas but th work continues.
Paul needs to demonstrate the grace he preaches to the churches.
In church, we want the same thing – to serve God, but remember that in all things charity
When have you needed a second chance?
When have you needed to give someone a second chance?
In our disagreements, we can show grace.
Love you neighbor as yourself. Work through things together being in relationship with one another and not giving up on each other.
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