Here I Am. Send Me! – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-2-7 Main Sermon
Isaiah 6:1-13, Luke 5:1-11
Tasks that we don’t like to do but must. Simon Peter thought he was finished fishing but Jesus says to go back out. Simon Peter “but we’ve caught nothing.”
Isaiah – “How long, oh Lord?” We’re tired and we face challenges.
When Jesus said to have faith and trust Him, Simon Peter agreed (Whatever you say, Master).
They take a chance and trust God and Jesus.
Isaiah will have a difficult road as a prophet but he is obedient. Discipleship is not just about God blessing us. Mountaintop experiences are fine but some days you don’t feel on fire.
Let thy will be done. When God asks you to “keep fishing,” trust and obey because there’s no other way.
Tough work of loving each other and trusting in Jesus as our and their savior.
Do your tasks knowing God is with you.

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