Love For Enemies – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-2-21 Main Sermon
Genesis 45:1-15 Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Luke 6:27-36 Love For enemies. Do good and expect nothing in return.
Sibling rivalry – toxic in Old Testament reading.
Joseph the youngest son – favored by his father and God. Brothers hate him and sell him into slavery but some wanted him dead.
Joseph shows no anger in the reunion. God sent me before you to preserve life. He talks of what God has done for him and through him. Strength to extend mercy to those who wanted him dead
Luke – love our enemies. Don’t point out the sins of others while forgetting our own sins. The struggle within ourselves to do God’s will or our own.
God has granted us mercy and is asking us to do the same. Love is not always a feeling; sometimes it’s an action. To utter the words of grace with the strength of the Holy Spirit.
Joseph – God is the one who has done this.
During this season of Lent, know you have been forgiven and let that release you into the freedom and joy of God’s mercy and grace.
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