His Steadfast Love – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-3-28 Main Sermon
Psalm 118:1-9; Luke 19:28-40
Crowds for Palm Sunday – during the Passover when the Jews are remembering God’s grace. Passover celebration starts with Psalm 118.
Luke 19 – Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord – a shout of protest against Herod who is coming to Jerusalem to remind them that Rome is in charge with its military strength, might and pride.
As Protestants we are also declaring something different from the status quo.
God’s will will be done.
Where are you on Palm Sunday? In the crowd shouting hosanna? standing back? sitting at home where you’re comfortable? Where am I?
Be brave and step forward and proclaim the name of your King and Savior Jesus Christ.
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