Commitment – or Lack of It – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-18 Main Sermon
Luke 9:51-62
Elisha – an ordinary farmer but also a prophet. Follows Elijah – his teacher. Three times Elijah tells Elisha to stay behind and he refuses to stay put. I will not leave you (like Ruth and Naomi).
In New Testament, Jesus headed toward Jerusalem – toward the cross.
Follow me – yes, but …
The requests reveal the heart. I’ll follow when it’s right on my schedule, when it’s safe or comfortable, when I know the outcome.
Jesus wants to make it clear that there’s no wiggle room – commitment.
Jesus doesn’t want lukewarm commitment. Jesus’ way is sacrifice.
Elisha’s request is for a double portion. Elijah – That’s a hard thing.
Jesus’ sacrifice (cross) let us know that whatever sacrifice/trial we face, He will be with us. Face forward and follow Jesus.
Are we going to be like Elisha and say “Yes, Lord” or are we going to say “Hold on. Wait a minute.”
He gave all. What are we going to give Him in return?
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