Holy Spirit: Doing New Things – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-25 Main Sermon
Act 1:1-18, Revelation 21:1-6
Early church struggled. How would this new church go? Offering up the way of Jesus Christ to those (Gentiles) who were not part of the community (Jews – circumcised).
Theology – what we believe who God is
We want to gather together with people who feel, think and do like us.
God – that may be comfortable but that’s not what I’m about.
Peter – who was I that I could hinder God?
God is sovereign. He is the one who issues the invitation, not us.
Who are we to hinder God?
God is showing us what His Kingdom looks like.
The Holy Spirit is always moving in us and changing us into something more beautiful, both in big and small ways.
Don’t be scared of the Spirit and what it might be doing. God where are you moving me next?
God give me the courage to step out in faith. Dream big dreams for the Kingdom of God.
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