Invited to the Table – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-5-2 Main Sermon
John 10:31-42, Revelation:9-17
There are all kinds of labels. Somer are needed to tell history or heritage. We live in a world where sometimes labels are needed. However, labels can limit and exclude us.
Religious leaders of the day were calling Jesus out, rejecting Jesus and calling Him a liar.
Jesus reached out to Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor. He expanded God’s table, possibly making some Jews feel like they were losing favor with God and afraid of being less chosen.
However, God’s love covers us all.
Revelation identifies those who are saved – too many to count, from every nation.
Salvation belongs to God. It’s not up to us to decide who is accepted or rejected at the table.
God tears down boundaries and extends grace to those whom God chooses.
God invites us to the table because we need Him and each other. The world has forgotten that.
Are you rejecting God? Who are you inviting to the table? Who do you wish was not at the table? Who are we sharing the table with?
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