Paul’s Spiritual Legacy – Meg Marley

2020-6-21 Sermon
2 Timothy 1:1-14
Paul’s letters gave instruction and guidance to churches he had visited.
Paul in letter to Timothy – spiritual legacy instructed unto him. Timothy is Paul’s spiritual son.
A letter of love, practice advice and encouragement to send and use the gifts God has given him.
Paul preaching Gospel even in the shadow of imprisonment.
Spiritual legacy instructed to us as well to share Gospel with other, to care for His Church.
Act in the power of love and self-discipline, trusting in God’s power. We are called by God not because of anything we’ve done but because of His spirit and grace.
Church always one generation away from extinction.
The Good News should be evident in the way you live.
God’s love given to us before the beginning of time and revealed in the life and message of Jesus Christ.
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