More Ministry Lessons – Herb Codington

2021-1-24 Main Sermon
• Encouragement/Hospitality
The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. The lack of encouragement is almost an epidemic. Encourage generously.
Hebrews – meet together.
Holy Spirit – Divine Encourager
Who are those in need of encouragement?
Are you willing to give the time to do it? Make it a priority.
Will you make yourself available? Ministry of presence.
Are you willing to have a heart-to-heart connection? The world is crying for encouragement.
Greek word is a combination of love and stranger.
Leviticus 19:33-34, Matthew 25:34 & on, Romans 12:13, I Peter 4:8-9
Who is the stranger in our community? Who is being overlooked?
Practice attentiveness. Adapt to stranger. Practice compassion (Latin – suffering with another)
Develop sense of informed urgency in spiritual and church life.
Contentment when it comes to spiritual things is a vice – a lack of spiritual desire.
John 9:4, Ephesians 5:15-16, Revelation 2 & 3, 3:15 & following
Avoid being too internally oriented. Complacency grows when you don’t see opportunity.
John 20:21 – As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.

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Servants While We Lead – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-1-17 Main Sermon Luke 16:19-31
Le Chambon, France in Alps near border with Switzerland, initiated by pastor Andre Trocme, and his wife Magda – saved 5000 Jewish refugees during World War II.
Magda – I never refused to help someone who came to my door – accepts responsibility.
In Luke passage – rich man “can’t see” Lazarus – no greeting, no assistance.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer – death is the common fate that awaits both of them when rich man is no longer rich and poor man is no longer poor. In death, God’s Kingdom is in full view for both men. Rich man sees error of his ways. Had seen himself as different from the poor man but we are all God’s children. Poor man – no influence or status in this world but still a child of God.
Martin Luther King Jr. – God’s dream for all children.
If a person’s mind is closed and scripture is rejected, no evidence – not even a resurrection _ will change him.
Pay attention – ask questions – listen – see. We are in this together.
Discipleship requires sacrifice. Don’t pick up gift of grace and walk away; share it.
Galatians 1 – In Christ
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3 Lessons of Ministry – Herb Codington

2021-1-10 Main Sermon
1. Grace – love of God John 1:16 & 17
Jesus is the source, initiator, enabler of experiencing His grace. Christians should be seen giving back to the living spring. Living under the law vs. living under grace. Don’t raise barriers between God’s grace and those who need it.
2. A sense of gratitude and thanksgiving. I Thessalonians 5:16-18
Be joyful always. Give thanks in all circumstances. Roman 1:21 – center of Pauline theology – gratitude; from OT – a thank offering. Gratitude to the Almighty and those around us. Embrace the sins of previous generations because we have been blessed by their faith to God.
3. Need to cultivate a lifestyle of service – Jesus as servant, Matthew 20:25
diaconia – waiting on tables; seeking to control vs. seeking to serve. Seek the least, last, lost and lonely.
Matthew 9:10 – not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick.
Service is not an easy thing. The church is only the church when it exists for others. Service is a calling.
Be careful about judging others. None of us are deserving of God’s grace. Responsibility is to give; then they are accountable before the Lord.
The greatest service – faithful daily intercession for those we care about. Learning to listen.
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Faith Conquers The World – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-1-3 Main Sermon
I John 5:1-5, I John 2:7-14
Letter written to the whole church because divisions had risen over matters of theology – how to do church
Foundations of Faith
We are all bound by the One who created us. We are valuable and great things are expected of us.
The love that changes things.
Don’t listen to the hate. The world would have us pit ourselves against each other because of our differences. Don’t return hate for hate. No one wins when it’s all about who wins at the end of the day.
I John 2:7-14
True love is not fleeting. Love is about truth that is unshakeable. God loves us because God is love. He makes room for us and asks us to make room for each other.
Hate returned for hate – everybody loses.
A love not content with things as they are or with the easy way out.
You matter to God and so does your neighbor and your enemy.

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Grace upon Grace – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2020-12-27 Main Sermon
John 1:1-18
Salvation and the Gospel cannot be distilled into a formula. There is a mystery.
Long before man was here God was here – the Sustainer and Creator.
From His fullness we all have received grace upon grace – no limitations or boundaries.
No easy way to understand God’s grace. It is received. There is nothing we can do to earn it.
Not true that all we need to do is surrender – a one & done. We want to boil it down to down to something easy or logical but it is about surrender and trust.
Salvation is a lifelong struggle.
When were you saved? Every single day.
The best gift is one we can’t unwrap but can just receive. No steps to master but a journey to live.
Will you believe that you are loved and that you and your neighbor have received grace upon grace through Jesus Christ?
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Main Sermon – Herb Codington

2020-12-20 Main Sermon
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Main Sermon – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2020-12-13 Main Sermon
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Main Sermon – Herb Codington

2020-12-6 Main Sermon
Luke 1:26-38
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Strong Words Require Strong Love – Herb Codington

2020-11-29 Main Sermon
Acts 2:9 & 10, Micah 1:1, Micah 5:1-5
The Christian church was a global church the day it was born. Israel strategically located.
The word of the Lord – God’s speech to us.
Role of a prophet – prophesying about Christ’s kingly role. Micah is speaking for the True and Living God.
You have forgotten who you are and to whom you belong.
Strong words require strong love.
Micah 6:8 – calling the people to repentance but also giving message of hope
Micah 4:4
A baby will be born in Bethlehem. He will not be raised in the seat of power.
The messiah that Hosea prophesizes about is a shepherd-ruler – Jesus models humility – King of Glory empties Himself and rules in humility.
The good shepherd makes sure we are at peace – act justly and love mercy
Application :
Know God – The Lord of all the earth; a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God
Know our role as prophets – we are a prophetic community – point through word and did to the Prince of Peace.
Life is more powerful than death.

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Listen & Get To Work – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2020-11-22 Main Sermon
Jeremiah 1:1-10
Our world is a different place and it’s easy to think it’s the only time we’ve been visited by such calamity.
Jeremiah – I am only a boy.
He was born into a family of priests but so young how could he command the respect of the rulers?
We think first about what our limitations are.
Have you ever said to God, “I’m too busy” when you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you?
God called Jeremiah in spite of or because of his limitations because it was about God.
Jeremiah was a prophet during exile. Everything that could go wrong did. It was a tough, harsh world.
Thrown into prison but kept on preaching not because of who he was but because of who God is.
We are a church of God claimed as His own. Called to do something.
Grace Presbyterian Church converted its church shed and sanctuary to house and feed the volunteers and workers. Preached their sermon with warmth, hot water, shelter and food.
You are preaching a sermon when you get up and move your feet. God is calling you today to get to work.
Put God at the center of your to-do list. Listen and get to work.
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