Main Sermon – Herb Codington

2020-12-6 Main Sermon
Luke 1:26-38
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Strong Words Require Strong Love – Herb Codington

2020-11-29 Main Sermon
Acts 2:9 & 10, Micah 1:1, Micah 5:1-5
The Christian church was a global church the day it was born. Israel strategically located.
The word of the Lord – God’s speech to us.
Role of a prophet – prophesying about Christ’s kingly role. Micah is speaking for the True and Living God.
You have forgotten who you are and to whom you belong.
Strong words require strong love.
Micah 6:8 – calling the people to repentance but also giving message of hope
Micah 4:4
A baby will be born in Bethlehem. He will not be raised in the seat of power.
The messiah that Hosea prophesizes about is a shepherd-ruler – Jesus models humility – King of Glory empties Himself and rules in humility.
The good shepherd makes sure we are at peace – act justly and love mercy
Application :
Know God – The Lord of all the earth; a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God
Know our role as prophets – we are a prophetic community – point through word and did to the Prince of Peace.
Life is more powerful than death.

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Listen & Get To Work – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2020-11-22 Main Sermon
Jeremiah 1:1-10
Our world is a different place and it’s easy to think it’s the only time we’ve been visited by such calamity.
Jeremiah – I am only a boy.
He was born into a family of priests but so young how could he command the respect of the rulers?
We think first about what our limitations are.
Have you ever said to God, “I’m too busy” when you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you?
God called Jeremiah in spite of or because of his limitations because it was about God.
Jeremiah was a prophet during exile. Everything that could go wrong did. It was a tough, harsh world.
Thrown into prison but kept on preaching not because of who he was but because of who God is.
We are a church of God claimed as His own. Called to do something.
Grace Presbyterian Church converted its church shed and sanctuary to house and feed the volunteers and workers. Preached their sermon with warmth, hot water, shelter and food.
You are preaching a sermon when you get up and move your feet. God is calling you today to get to work.
Put God at the center of your to-do list. Listen and get to work.
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Second Chance – Meg Marley

2020-11-15 Main Sermon
Acts 14:21-28, 15:35-41
As a church – unified in the essentials of faith, but in the areas of faith that are not essential tenets, be patient, merciful and loving.
Arguments come up because we are human but too often we argue over nonessential things.
Jesus sent to give us a second chance to enter into a right relationship with God.
Paul & Barnabas – sharp disagreement
Barnabas supported Paul earlier but Paul does not trust John Mark. Barnabas believes John Mark deserves a second chance.
Both Paul and Barnabas have same goal – missionary journey to spread the word of God in the best way possible – but disagree on this one detail. End of ministry team of Paul and Barnabas but th work continues.
Paul needs to demonstrate the grace he preaches to the churches.
In church, we want the same thing – to serve God, but remember that in all things charity
When have you needed a second chance?
When have you needed to give someone a second chance?
In our disagreements, we can show grace.
Love you neighbor as yourself. Work through things together being in relationship with one another and not giving up on each other.
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Giving Thanks – Herb Codington

2020-11-8 Main Sermon Luke 17:11-19
Book of Isaiah – garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness
OT – corporate celebration – nobody was left out
Who can we include, encourage, affirm?
Book of Job – I made the widow’s heart sing
Luke 17:11-19
leprosy – can’t imagine worse conditions in ancient times, included banishment, had to cry out “unclean”
Jews and a Samaritan calling out together – a common calamity draws everyone together.
When overwhelmed – Oh Lord, have mercy/have pity …
When Jesus says to go show themselves to the priest, it’s for the purification rite to re-enter society.
Jesus is challenging them to trust, believe and obey.
Coping with leprosy alone would have been catastrophic, almost impossible to survive.
So often our problems isolate us, cut us off from fellowship.
We need people to encourage and motivate us.
The 10 helped each other through their common malady.
The Samaritan returns to give thanks – Why do we not express gratitude more often?
In legalism we can lose joy – When governed by the rule/law, don’t miss the spirit.
Express your gratitude – they may not know you’re thankful.
Don’t let your pride stop you. Have a heart of humility. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.
All were healed but were all in God’s will?
Yearning for God’s blessing but when we get it, we become preoccupied with the gift and not the source.
Have you taken time to go back and thank Jesus? Be intentional.
We are far more loved than we could ever dream.
Important part of Pauline theology – heart of gratitude
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Ministry of Encouragement – Herb Codington

2020-11-1 Main Sermon – Hebrews 3:12 & 13
Commentary to Psalm 95
Be aware and be alert to drifting away and hardening our hearts – apostasy
Encourage one another daily
Ministry of encouragement
Tragedy of every Christian who has fallen away is spiritual loneliness.
Lessons of Le Harvey Oswald
Have I ever held off love when I could have given it?
Have I given criticism instead of a smile?
Coming alongside to help empower someone to keep on keeping on.
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Different Challenges, Trials and Temptations – Herb Codington

2020-10-25 – Main Sermon

addressing groups of people by age
different challenges, trials and temptations
unique culture – Bible not given in a cultural vacuum
women – do whatever you can to strengthen families
like begets like – character is critically important
mentor you children
The desire for purity is the first step to developing purity.
self control – older men, young men and women
If the truths of character are better caught than taught, then we have to be there to develop relationships and disciple.

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Live That Unique Life – Herb Codington

2020-10-11 Main Sermon
Titus 2:1-3
Paul’s appeal – live that unique life you have been called to.
addresses older population in these verses –
• unique challenges, trials and temptations in each stage of life
• our society puts a premium on youth and youthfulness so intentionally remember the wisdom, experiences and knowledge of the older generation
• elders and leaders of the church were selected from this group
Men ages 50-60
called to live a life of dignity and being respectable
If we are made in the image of God, live that way.
Live a life of faith, love and endurance.
women ages 50-60
living in a particular culture with unique problems
be reverent in the way you live – suited to a sacred character, like a priestess as if all life is a sacred assembly
Hebrews 13:16
set apart for holy use, as unto the Lord
To go to God on behalf of the world – intercede
To offer God spiritual sacrifices – doing good for the least fortunate
Paul challenging men and women to live out an honorable life that reflects the teaching of the Christian life.
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A Time Of Transition – Lindy Scott & Philip Codington

2020-9-27 Main Sermon
Lindy Scott – 1 Timothy
Transition – a process of changing from one condition or state to another
Choices we can make – cling to the old or embrace what is before us and ask for God’s will (what is best for us)
What is the call of God on our lives now in this transition?
We can remain fruitful if we see God for His vision and His purposes for the body of Bethany Presbyterian Church.
Don’t lose heart – Looking forward while remembering
Proverbs 29:18, Hosea 4:6
Philip Codington – Revelation
What does God have for us?
Revelation – where God speaks to John about the churches. Already the Holy Spirit has found the need to correct and encourage the churches.
Persevere, stay away from sin and false preaching, endure persecution, be useful, seek treasures of God, not of the world, don’t be indifferent – pursue the Lord
How have I wandered away from what God wants for me? Don’t twist what God says to please what I want to happen. Passionately seek God and be open to correction and to seek His direction
Revelation 2:14-16, 3:13-18, 3:19-22
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Wycliffe Bible Translators – Andy & Karen Weaver

2020-9-20 Main Sermon
Introduction by Herb Codington
Report by Andy Weaver
Matthew 11:28, Mark 6:3, Romans 8:28

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