Main Sermon – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2022-3-13 Main Sermon
Luke 4:1-15

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Main Sermon – Kyle Page

Main Sermon
Luke 4:1-13
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Are We Ready? – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-5-16 Main Sermon
John 5:1-9, Acts 16:9-15
We want to know where we are supposed to be, to know all the answers up front, but that’s not the way God works.
In the scripture passage, the man has been an invalid for 38 years but suddenly that changes from one day to the next. People too busy with their own problems to see and help him. But Jesus see him, knows his struggles and heals him, not by assisting him to the pool but by telling him to get up and walk. And, in faith, he gets up and walks.
In the passage from Acts, the disciples are hitting roadblocks in their ministry. In Paul’s vision from God a man is begging them to come to Macedonia, and they immediately set out for there. There they met Lydia.
Servants called to be Christ-like to others.
Celebrating Pentecost allows us to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit. God is moving in us and among us today.
We can be grateful for being comfortable but will be miserable out of God’s will.
Take the time to see others around us.
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Recipe for Remaining in the Love of God – Racquel Gill

2021-5-9 Main Sermon
John 15:9-12
Scripture is part of Jesus’ farewell discourse with His disciples. It stresses the importance of His relationship with His disciples. The disciples are like branches that must stay connected to the vine to be productive. He also stresses the importance of their staying connected to each other. Jesus is teaching the importance of the love we give to each other.
God’s unconditional love to Jesus gave Him the ability to give unconditional love to others. Love is an extension of the love you have received. The fruit of unconditional love remains.
Jesus says to abide in My love – to remain in and be comfortable, to stay even in the midst of adversity.
Remain in Jesus’ love so that His joy will be in you and His joy will be complete. Love each other as I have loved you. The world will know you are Christians by your love for one another.
When you have experienced real love, you want to pay it forward.
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Invited to the Table – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-5-2 Main Sermon
John 10:31-42, Revelation:9-17
There are all kinds of labels. Somer are needed to tell history or heritage. We live in a world where sometimes labels are needed. However, labels can limit and exclude us.
Religious leaders of the day were calling Jesus out, rejecting Jesus and calling Him a liar.
Jesus reached out to Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor. He expanded God’s table, possibly making some Jews feel like they were losing favor with God and afraid of being less chosen.
However, God’s love covers us all.
Revelation identifies those who are saved – too many to count, from every nation.
Salvation belongs to God. It’s not up to us to decide who is accepted or rejected at the table.
God tears down boundaries and extends grace to those whom God chooses.
God invites us to the table because we need Him and each other. The world has forgotten that.
Are you rejecting God? Who are you inviting to the table? Who do you wish was not at the table? Who are we sharing the table with?
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Holy Spirit: Doing New Things – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-25 Main Sermon
Act 1:1-18, Revelation 21:1-6
Early church struggled. How would this new church go? Offering up the way of Jesus Christ to those (Gentiles) who were not part of the community (Jews – circumcised).
Theology – what we believe who God is
We want to gather together with people who feel, think and do like us.
God – that may be comfortable but that’s not what I’m about.
Peter – who was I that I could hinder God?
God is sovereign. He is the one who issues the invitation, not us.
Who are we to hinder God?
God is showing us what His Kingdom looks like.
The Holy Spirit is always moving in us and changing us into something more beautiful, both in big and small ways.
Don’t be scared of the Spirit and what it might be doing. God where are you moving me next?
God give me the courage to step out in faith. Dream big dreams for the Kingdom of God.
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Commitment – or Lack of It – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-18 Main Sermon
Luke 9:51-62
Elisha – an ordinary farmer but also a prophet. Follows Elijah – his teacher. Three times Elijah tells Elisha to stay behind and he refuses to stay put. I will not leave you (like Ruth and Naomi).
In New Testament, Jesus headed toward Jerusalem – toward the cross.
Follow me – yes, but …
The requests reveal the heart. I’ll follow when it’s right on my schedule, when it’s safe or comfortable, when I know the outcome.
Jesus wants to make it clear that there’s no wiggle room – commitment.
Jesus doesn’t want lukewarm commitment. Jesus’ way is sacrifice.
Elisha’s request is for a double portion. Elijah – That’s a hard thing.
Jesus’ sacrifice (cross) let us know that whatever sacrifice/trial we face, He will be with us. Face forward and follow Jesus.
Are we going to be like Elisha and say “Yes, Lord” or are we going to say “Hold on. Wait a minute.”
He gave all. What are we going to give Him in return?
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Last Supper – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-11 Main Sermon
John 17:20-26, Revelation 2:12-21
Last Supper – Jesus prays for His disciples and for all believers, including us. At His last meal, we were on Jesus’ mind. He was praying on our behalf. Let Me be in them as You are in Me.
Rebuke of the groundless division among believers.
Jesus – Yes, I am coming soon. John – Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
Grace – unmerited favor, can’t earn it, we don’t deserve it.
Through the power of the Spirit, we carry the Divine in us.
Lord Jesus, what can I do to show your grace to other people? To get out of the way so that You can shine more brightly. How can I share Jesus’ last words with somebody else?

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Mary Remained – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-4-4 Easter Sunday – Main Sermon
John 20:1-18
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His Steadfast Love – Charmaine Smith-Miles

2021-3-28 Main Sermon
Psalm 118:1-9; Luke 19:28-40
Crowds for Palm Sunday – during the Passover when the Jews are remembering God’s grace. Passover celebration starts with Psalm 118.
Luke 19 – Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord – a shout of protest against Herod who is coming to Jerusalem to remind them that Rome is in charge with its military strength, might and pride.
As Protestants we are also declaring something different from the status quo.
God’s will will be done.
Where are you on Palm Sunday? In the crowd shouting hosanna? standing back? sitting at home where you’re comfortable? Where am I?
Be brave and step forward and proclaim the name of your King and Savior Jesus Christ.
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